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Punkt: About us. 

We are a company that offers space and organization for all kinds of celebrations. Our rafts have been on the Sava for a long time, but under a different name.


We are located on Savski Kej, near the last stop of bus 68 in Gandijeva street.


Your reservation is confirmed after agreement on rental price and additional services. After paying the deposit, and signing the contract, you can be safe the date is all yours!


We accept payments in cash, as well as to our bank account, according to payment instructions that we will provide.


We offer two rafts with maximum capacity of up to 70 people, and one with maximum capacity of about 40 (in favorable weather conditions).


We advise you to park as close as possible to the roundabout in Gandijeva.


The storm will not spoil your time on two rafts with larger capacity, but it will reduce the capacity of the smaller one. Look at the photos of the venues and judge for yourself.


Security is mandatory, and proportional to the planned number of guests. After working hours - we remain available for anything you need.


You can contact us on 064 4444 646

via call, SMS, and Viber or WhatsApp.

Also, you can DM us on Instagram, or by email to

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